‘Over & Out’ Progression

July 10, 2014

21. Gotta Let It Happen

There’s a reason you don’t see hippy vans in the city. On my journey to expand my knowledge and feed my brain I find myself weaving in and out of people as though they are directions of a maze, gaping holes in the o-zone layer. Skimming my shoulder, my bag on a random stranger who’s name and story I do not know. Sharing a brief moment with them, sharing a brief warmth, interchanging bacteria and lint.

The reality is that that’s life.
I am constantly dodging people, cars, cyclists, buses. Constantly feeling that post near-death-experience breeze that sends the strands of my hair flying backwards, exposing the tips of my ears.

I find myself writing inspiration messages on bathroom stales in thick black sharpie. Hoping someone, from somewhere will read my encouraging words and feel positive for a change, feel calm.

It bothers me greatly. The people on this earth are spinning faster than their world and they’re making wind. I am filled with a constant fear that the people around me are going to miss something. Something great, something catastrophic, something. It’s unsafe.

What is the rush? Where are you going that you simply can not look up. Can not slow your pace. Are you not tired of the aching pain in your shins and the burning in your chest? You are not in sneakers and skins. Slow down.

This is your life. And you could miss the most pivotal moments of it, all because you have fallen into the default rut of constantly needing to rush. To walk fast. To swerve through crowds just to get a thirty second head start on where you should be.
You should be here.
You should be alive.
You should not be scowling or knitting your eyebrows together whilst lost in thought, keeping to yourself on the sidewalk.
You should not be breathing heavily as you finally make it on to your train. You should be alive. You should be living. This is your life, right now. And you’re missing it.


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