December 10, 2010

Do you ever get the unsettling feeling that every bad thing in the world is your fault?
I’m exaggerating. Let me word it differently.
Do you ever feel like,  all the negative energy’s and occurrences around you, were caused by you and only you? And that you are the one to blame for every negative aspect that enters the lives of everyone around you?

My mother is a particularly picky woman. I made the mistake of thinking it was okay to have a go at her for it during dinner time. My father got the joke and joined in.
Big mistake. She, of coarse, got angry.  They started fighting, and soon after, silence followed.
I couldn’t eat any more, so I came here instead.

I never thought I’d dislike Christmas, but it’s starting to lose it’s magic.

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  1. Danniel said

    I’m so tired but I’m behind on your blog and I really wanted to come here and read it so I don’t get too far behind, although it’d be easy to catch up because they’re not boring.

    I’ve never liked Christmas for some reason. I’m not completely sure why.

    I’m so tired that I’m too tired to get ready for bed. I don’t want to clear this crap off my bed and get under the blankets and turn of the light and brush my teeth and turn off the computers (yes two, I’m horrible) and charge my phone or set my alarm (because I can only do one of those) or take my pants off (because I sleep in my boxers usually unless it’s really really cold or I’m really really lazy like I am now) or put in a DVD to watch (because I always have to listen or watch something while I fall asleep otherwise I’ll think too much) or stop writing this because when I do stop writing this that means I’ll have no excuse to not do all the things I just said I don’t want to do 😦

    I always get really attached, perhaps too attached, to the people who’s blogs I read, so I really really hope the Holidays go better for you and you have lots and lots of fun 🙂

    • shannondotjpeg said

      Can you please marry me?
      Christ. I love that paragraph. Haha, it was amazing. :’) You actually described my nights perfectly. Thank you (:
      Hope you get some rest. ❤

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