I’m so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere.

December 5, 2010

And this is my reaction to everything I fear. Cause I’ve been going crazy, I don’t want to waste another minute here.

Mother has decided to have guests over. Joy.
So, I woke up this afternoon and had a potato because I was starving and that’s pretty much the only thing in the house that didn’t make me wanna throw up.
Didn’t sleep very well, but my day was pretty good yesterday.

I saw someone who means a lot to me. Which was pretty cool, I don’t get to see her much.
There was five drunk females in my house, including me.
I made a cake, it actually tastes horrible.
Apart from the fact that we made it while drunk, we didn’t follow a recipe.
Just, chucked things in. Though, it smelt great.

I have to go to Carramar tomorrow, not looking forward to that.
I don’t mind the whole, ‘seeing a health/youth counsellor’ part. She’s a lovely person.
I just don’t like the whole, ‘catch a train by yourself,’ part. I get lost while walking home sometimes… and I do it everyday.

Anyway, Shannon’s gonna go be bored elsewhere. I do think I’ve saved a draft somewhere,
might post it later today.
Have a good one.

10 Responses to “I’m so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere.”

  1. Danniel said

    When I finally move out I plan on cooking a lot. I can’t do it here because it’s always so crowded and messy and annoying. So whenever I move out and live by myself or with a couple of friends I want to cook all the freaking time. When I first wrote that instead of freaking I accidentally wrote ‘frigging’.

    P.S. I loved Adventureland too and I actually liked it better than Zombieland. People hate me for saying that 😦

    • shannondotjpeg said

      Haha, I used ‘friggin,’all the time.
      Haha, me too. Adventureland was way better in my opinion.
      That’s good. I wish I knew how to cook. >.<

  2. Danniel said

    You think Adventrueland was way better :0 marry me! kidding. But you gained like a hundred million points in my book. You’re now in my top 100 people 😉

    • shannondotjpeg said

      Haha, I wouldn’t mind marrying you. You’re awesome enough. But, I can’t cook. I’m thinking I lose points for that. Haha 🙂

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