I hope you like the stars I stole for you.

November 26, 2010

I really love this photo.

I just realized that I never really told you what I thought of The Virgin Suicides. I loved it.
I left me feeling just a little bit disturbed/violated, but I thought it was brilliant. Now, my teachers at school are taking my laptop for the holidays, so I won’t be able to watch very many movies any more. I’ll have to make do with what I have, which is a major disappointment, because I’ve seen all of them a hundred times.  I was thinking of watching Girl, Interrupted tonight. I’m not too sure though, have you seen it? What’d you think?

Any movie recommendations? What’s your favourite?
I spent the day in a nursing home today. It made me realize how badly I do not want to age.
The 27 Club for the win. Those people have no one. They do the same thing every single day, yet they still have enough satisfaction in their lives to keep on living. I don’t know how they do it.
How are they still breathing and smiling at that age and in that loneliness, when I’m surrounded, and I think about giving up every 5 seconds?
They look so fragile, but they’re so strong.

I’ve got three days of school left. Can’t wait till it’s over. I’m not going to miss that place, or those people. They’re horrid. School’s so pointless. I haven’t learnt anything of value as of yet.
Anyway, I’m going to finish watching Rent. Love that movie.

Fun Tips: If you press Ctrl + T in Itunes, the visualizer comes up.
Pressing Q, W, A, S, Z, or X will change the visual. Yes, I did just realize this.
I’m slow. (:

4 Responses to “I hope you like the stars I stole for you.”

  1. Danniel said

    I did not know that about itunes. Thanks. The visualizer is so pretty. I could become addicted.

    I like the movie The Squid and The Whale. I’d watch it if I were me. I don’t know if I’d watch it if I were you though, because I don’t know what it’s like to be you and what sort of movies you’re most interested in. The Squid and The Whale is I guess best described and a subtle dark comedy…maybe…I don’t know. I just like it. It’s got the guy from Zombieland in it, if you’ve ever seen that.

    • shannondotjpeg said

      Haha, it is pretty addictive.

      “I’d watch it if I were me.” Haha, you’re the best.
      I love Zombieland, do you mean Jesse Eisenberg? Not sure if that’s how you spell it.

  2. Danniel said

    Yeah, Jesse Eisenberg, and that is how you spell it, so good job for you because I always misspell it. I even had to check just now how it was spelled. He’s one of my favorite actors. I don’t know if you’ve seen the new movie about the creation of Facebook call The Social Network, but was good and he was great in it. If I were you I’d totally have a crush on him. That’s about the other thing I’d know I do if I were you.

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