love is, love is for the blind and you gave yours without your eyes.

November 23, 2010

If it wasn’t completely obvious, the photos I post aren’t mine unless stated otherwise. This one was from Paul Griffiths website.

#nowplaying Slow Dancing In A Burning Room- John Mayer

My door is slowly closing by itself. Wind or ghost?
So I had a terrible, terrible day yesterday. And today’s probably gonna be just as terrible. However, this is more of a painful terrible. I feel so fucking lonely and it hurts knowing I’m probably gonna feel like this forever. I just want to stop feeling so alone all the time.  It’s really the worse. Especially since everyone else around me is seemingly happy, or they’re complaining about stupid things.
I have to go back to school tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all. Really don’t want to. I might go and see how many people there are. If there isn’t much, I’m just gonna stop going all together. It’s not like anyone even notices I’m not there.

I should probably be spending more time on my other blog today.

Anyway, I included that picture because I think it’s so beautiful. I really wish I lived in England. I would give anything to be there right now.
Where do you wish you were?

4 Responses to “love is, love is for the blind and you gave yours without your eyes.”

  1. Danniel said

    Wind, not ghost.

    It is beautiful, in a beautiful sort of way though.

    Scottsdale, Arizona, although it’s not like she’d love me even if I was there.

  2. Nice photograph on a nice blog.

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