Someday Came Suddenly;

November 17, 2010

Sticks and stones and weed and bongs.

Happy Wednesday bitchez.
Just came back from my very eventful walk. Not really.
Went down to Green Valley to pick up a few things. Besides walking past an entire family of flies and realizing just how many middle eastern people come out during school days, nothing much else happened.
On my way back, I had to walk past this house where the entire Muslim family were chillin’ outside.  I felt compelled to push my bangs out of my face and look innocent. #noracial.
I also realized that Rhianna put more of her balls into Disturbia than all of the members of The Cab did combined. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Cab, I just think they should’ve done a different song for Punk Goes Pop 2.
Didn’t do the creepiness of the song justice.

I actually had much more to write about but I’m in too much of an active mood right now to remember, so I’ll probably come back later when I’ve mellowed down a bit. For now, I might just go do some hand stands and break my neck.
Also, I left my V can on a mini hill, so when I’m walking home tomorrow, if it’s still there, I’ll take a picture and post the low quality image here, so we can all stare at a much of dirty pixels.

Peace out.

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